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Sean Singer reads from Today In The Taxi


At KGB last December, I heard Sean Singer read from a forthcoming book of prose poems called Today in the Taxi, similar journeys, different passengers, with the words of others sometimes added, Duke Ellington, The Talmud, Franz Kafka, helping the cab driver take the reader along NYC landscapes as vividly involved as every other passenger getting to their destinations.

I liked the reading so much, I asked Sean Singer if I could record him when the book was finally published. And here we are. The poems Sean Singer reads in the Vimeo below are in Today in the Taxi. Enjoy.



I scanned two full pages, near the beginning and end, to give an idea of the stories these prose poems present. Click on the page to magnify them.



Today In The Taxi is published by Tupelo Press. You can check it out here:




To find out more about Sean Singer, you can check him out here:



Sean Singer




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