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Matt Proctor reads from Single Room Occupancy


If you want to give words to every moment, every thought and sight worth jotting down, you need a notebook though any scrap of paper will do. Bill Kushner was a poet I remember fondly who always had a notebook to write in.

Matt Proctor is another poet with a notebook that I know. He came over to my place recently to let me catch him on my camcorder reading from his recent journal, Single Room Occupancy, which he kept from late January until late February 2022.

In the Vimeo below Matt puts his heart and soul into reading Single Room Occupancy. Enjoy.




Selective Amnesia is the title of a published journal Matt kept at the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. I opened it at random and scanned the three consecutive pages below to give you an idea of the diary’s flow. 





I also scanned “scholar economy,” the last poem in the book. Get your hands on Selective Amnesia and you can read more. 




If you want to get in touch with Matt, you can find him on instagram @easyparadisemag or @comfortartaud. His chapbooks are also available for free at McNally Jackson or Printed Matter: https://www.instagram.com/easyparadisemag/?hl=en

Here in the YouTube below Matt documents NYC in places and words from January to February 2022; his videos are companion pieces to his written diaries.



And here is Matt’s YouTube page:



Matt Proctor at a book party for Greg Masters, 2019




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  1. Tells it like it is, was and will be. Thank you, Don.

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