Drawings 2022 by Arup Datta

I hadn’t looked at the drawings of Arup Datta for a while so I was pleased to see that this charming artist from Kolkata has been busy. Here are seventeen of his drawings from the beginning of the year until now. Enjoy.


the lake placid



the woman on the beach



the girl in her new look



the meat shop 



the cool



the expectant mother



the rickshaw-wallahas at Bodepur




the expectant mothers



the mother with its foal



the swinging



the meat shop



the conversation



shreekhol (drum instrumental)



every cloud is not silver lined



the desert woman



the villain



the jogger



Arup Datta


  1. I like these. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ann Marek

    I’ve made a few collages with his drawings! They are very cool!

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