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Estha Weiner reads from This Insubstantial Pageant

Estha Weiner and I were supposed to read together last summer in Brooklyn, but unfortunately I had to be out of the city. Last week, I was happy to hear Estha read at KGB from her new book, This Insubstantial Pageant. Like the title and part of her life, the poems in this collection revolve around theatre, literally and figuratively. When Estha recites her well-crafted poetry, she is effortlessly up there on the stage. Enjoy.



Praise from Tom Sleigh

“The theater of the mind and the theatrical impulses of the body govern Estha Weiner’s smart, lively, and wide-ranging new book. Invoking film, theater, and the art of the actor, she explores the pageantry that unfolds on all the various stages that make up our lives. Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Mother and Father, Lover and Child, even MOMA and Momma become subtle metaphors for the dissonance between our private desires and our public avowals. Her wit and subtly cadenced music are accurately rendered and underline the passion of the true maker.”

Tom Sleigh, author of eleven books of poetry, including The King’s Touch


This Insubstantial Pageant is published by Broadstone Books. You can check it out here:



Estha Weiner


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  1. Nancy Haiduck

    Dear Don
    I wish I still lived in NY so I could meet you. Just reviewed Estha’s book for American Book Review. She’s a CCNY colleague. Got your Spring Sonnets in the mail yesterday. First poem recalls Bill K, friend of my youth. Re-reading now In the Hairy Arms of Whitman. Nancy Haiduck.

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