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James Barickman reads from Helluva Season

James Barickman is a sound technician at the Poetry Project where he is responsible for capturing the words of poets as they speak them every week in the Parrish Hall or the Sanctuary, a daunting task that I have watched James do at times moving furiously around the place with microphones to get the best sound he can.

He has also been capturing his own words in diary form, free-wheeling observations and thoughts that he began in the summer of 2022 and continues today with four books in mind, one for each season. 

Helluva Season is the first in this series, from the summer of 2022 when the lantern fly invaded and the heat every day made global warming seem imminent. It’s a beautiful chapbook with a linocut cover the poet hand-stamped himself. Perhaps stamping the lantern fly in blood red on the cover does stamp it out as readily as the poet would underfoot. We can hope and trust in words that strive to figure out a day’s truth.

In the Vimeo below, James Barickman reads from Helluva Season, a dreadful exciting season. Hang onto your seats. And enjoy.



Four days from Helluva Season:






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