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Gary Indiana reads at the Poetry Project

I went to see Gary Indiana read at the Poetry Project a few Wednesdays ago and brought my camera along to get this East Village icon archived on the blog. The Parrish Hall was packed with a crowd I’d say was around forty years younger than Indiana himself. They had come to laugh at the legend’s every gesturing word, as he read an essay about getting old, and sections from his novel, Do Everything in the Dark, that was first published in 2003, and republished in 2023. I’ve been reading it for the first time myself and, I have to admit, I’ve been laughing quite a lot. Indiana’s exciting, funny prose, often sharply honed proves the truth doesn’t fade with age, but only gets better.

You can find out for yourself on the Vimeo below. Enjoy. 



Do Everything in the Dark is published by MIT Press. You can check it out here:




An interview with Gary Indiana:


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