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The Struggle Continues

… Yesterday, after many years—2007 perhaps—I did some work in La Plaza, a park that I, with many others, began to save in 1987 when the city, state and federal governments wanted to put up a housing project on the site. It was a fight, […]

Beautiful Sadness

… Stopped by to see my nephew Daniel in Philly and he suggested that we write a song in the spur of the moment, which intimidated me at first, but then he started to play on his electric guitar and I picked up the acoustic […]

Just Practicing

… … Somebody asked me to perform at a benefit in April, and I immediately said No, and then as we talked, I thought of course I should do it and said, Yes. I’ll practice, and that is what I am doing figuring out the […]

South Mountain Unforgotten

… This two year old Internet photo journal was done on walks in January during the time I was taking care of my father who was dying in the South Mountain, his home for ninety-one years. … South Mountain. Bright but Cloudy. January 29, 2017 […]

November Thoughts

… November Walk I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that affects my left leg which hurts with every step and is in no way alleviated with the aid of a cane, but I made the walk today with Akram and friend Tom […]

Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow

… I recorded this song, first recorded by the Carter Family in 1927 during the famous Bristol sessions, over a weekend in the South Mountain back at Ed Cox’s cabin in 2011 shortly after Hurricane Irene blew over many trees up and down the east […]

July 14, 2018

… The unflattering sketch of Marie Antoinette above on the way to her execution was done by Jacques-Louis David, a Jacobin who had voted for her death. Though some in the crowd jeered and spit, Marie Antoinette, we can see, kept her composure, and later, […]

End of June Photos, Thoughts and Capturings

… … The only surviving letter of Willa Cather to Edith Lewis: … Sunday 4:30 P.M. [October 5, 1936] Shattuck Inn, Jaffrey, New Hampshire My Darling Edith; I am sitting in your room, looking out on the woods you know so well. So far everything […]

May Thoughts

… May 29 At the gym something a little strange just happened. I was doing some bicep work and looked up to see a t-shirt with an adorable white bunny on it gnawing on a skull and making a sound I suppose that sounded like […]

Apple and Chile Salad

… The recipe: … I pickle jalapeños with some carrots and celery. It’s called escabeche. I boil them in vinegar and water for about ten minutes, long enough for the shiny chiles to grow dull. I use a lot of vinegar. You might not want […]

April thoughts

… Constantly organizing and reorganizing, getting and throwing things out, deciding what is valuable and what is not, trying to get to the essential, which is where the clarity is, the current, the flow, the where we are, not where we want to be. Too […]


… After a year long slow decline, my father died on April 10 at the age 91. At his funeral on June 3, my sister Cathy and I spoke on behalf of our family to thank those who had come to say goodbye. Seeing so […]