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Tennessee Williams reads The Broken Tower by Hart Crane

… Written by Hart Crane earlier in the year of his death, and rejected by Poetry, The Broken Tower was printed in the New Republic soon after his suicide on April 27, 1932. Why did Hart Crane jump into the Gulf of Mexico on his […]

Tennessee Williams reads Eternity by Hart Crane

… There is something about Eternity that has always played on my heart strings. It may be that I heard the poem first read by Tennessee Williams on an LP I’d bought, a Caedmon recording. It is one of the better performances by the playwright. […]

Tennessee Williams reads Hart Crane: Voyages III and V, The Broken Tower, The Hurricane, and Eternity

… Voyages III Infinite consanguinity it bears This tendered theme of you that light Retrieves from sea plains where the sky Resigns a breast that every wave enthrones; While ribboned water lanes I wind Are laved and scattered with no stroke Wide from your side, […]

Tennessee Williams reads Hart Crane, poems from The Bridge

… The Bridge, it’s said, was Hart Crane’s reaction to T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, which he admired very much, but Crane wanted to write about a much happier, and more American, landscape. For awhile he was in love with a sailor whose father had […]

In my words, February 25 – March 3

… Walking down Grand Street after class, looking to buy some fish, Talapia to be exact, I stood before some huge carp and huger catfish sprawled out in tubs, gills slowly moving in and out, quietly resigned. As I remembered some words Kurt Cobain sings […]

In my words, January 28 – February 3

… I made a New Year’s resolution to start swimming. Here it is February the third and I finally am. The pool at the Chinatown Y is quite decent. It wasn’t crowded this afternoon and I got a lane of my own. I started the […]