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Eden writes a poem after Alice Notley (a beautiful thought)

Eden is my youngest student. She is 15 and still in high school. Like many 15 year olds, Eden is a joy: every moment is something new.

I showed the class a poem by the poet Alice Notley called “UNTITLED” about the poet’s youngest son, Edmund:

My little boy’s sick tonight
Oh get well while you’re asleep
Honey we’ll go out
Together at noon
Everything as always

I told the class to write down a simple beautiful thought. Eden wrote quickly and handed this in:

I’m not rich
but I have the most simple life
and the brightest dream

I’ll be on my way
even though it’s raining outside
and the road is wet

It was raining outside, lightning and thundering. Did the storm help to make Eden’s English so spontaneous?

When the English teacher shows students an interesting poem, students have a good prompt to write something interesting too.

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