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Bill Kushner’s 80th: Dennis Moritz reads his poem: Bill at Eighty

Bill at eighty

the sexy man stays sexy all his life
his small room awakes to a wide world
full of enigmas
surely a happy soul
we are in distress
this is our metaphysics
it hurts for a moment but
alert still alert
questions questions questions
a young mind shimmers with them
where’s the love i seek
all over the place
human shapes with no outline
our own alien being ha ha ha ha
laughing  it is the gun that shoots
everyone with ha ha ha ha
drawn into each others arms
with no outline no shape
a kind of climbing in the world
of no space no time
we are released as we write and read
that is of course the best poem
how many times i have been released
into the best poem by Bill
he loves we love i love
a causal relationships with all of it
thanks Bill
when you have suffered you have also
healed yourself as well as some of us

Dennis and Susan Dennis and Susan

Will, Phyllis and Steve Will, Phyllis and Steve

Bill Bill

first photo: Bill Kushner and John Godfrey

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