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DAILY NEWS by Bill Kushner

A lady’s thrown over the subway, that dark kid
In the window, he just stands there, stares
I just wear my shirt altho this October morning’s cold
3 guys doing things with bricks, why it’s Joe
& Son, Contractors: way up there’s Joe & God just look
At them arms on Son. Dogs getting walked, joggers jogged
Garbage getting thrown, picked up, he sees you, frowns
So what when everyone just wants to be loved & that’s
A scoop, folks, you heard it here, you remember that
The never ending falling leaves being swept up, heaps
The peeps of hungry birds we just wants to eats
Violence not for this morning: babies get screaming & born
& somewhere I bet in that building young lovers wake, kiss, join
My job? why I just report it, Hi I’m Bill from the Sun


At Saint Mark's

At Saint Mark’s


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