Pigeon by Bill Kushner

A man flies freaked-out down the street
& past me, he spits out something but I jump
A PR kid laughs “Faggot!” from doorway of welfare hotel
This is New York hang tough far too many pigeons
Over 1 piece of bread, a cornfed cute guy
Lets his freckled girlfriend take a bite off his muffin
A mustardy hardhat digs into his hotdog, ahh
& the heart you eat’s your own, for this is lunchtime
At noon the happy workers pour out onto the avenues
Don’t they know they are all in a novel called Huh?
Written by someone who knows all about True Life, who me?
Tho I suspect one’s life depends on who’s living it
& if it’s not you Watch Out! another man crazy-eyed
Talking to himself, heads lurching toward you, ahhh he’s yourself



Bill likes pigeons

Pigeons like Bill

Stuyvesant Park

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