Pomes Penyeach

I was looking for a little chapbook of Pomes Penyeach by James Joyce that I bought in the 70s at Middle Earth Books in Philly, but I can’t find it. I really have had a hankering for the Pomes. This afternoon dangling from a ladder at The Strand much to my surprise I found Joyce’s Collected Poems with Pomes in it for $15, a little steep, but I high-fived a young blond fellow poetry seeker at the bottom of the ladder who smiled and seemed to understand. I also tried to find Gregory Corso, but he couldn’t be found although I ran into Dennis Cooper and Alfred Corn, a pleasant surprise.

All these years I remembered “slimeslivered” stones not “slimesilvered” and am thinking my 20s were probably more slivered than silvered. I’m happy to have Pomes Penyeach at my fingertips again. It’s not like reading it on the Internet where the whole world can join in. I can take it to the East River, sit down, look at Brooklyn, the sea gulls gliding toward the Williamsburg Bridge, the water glistening and start to read, just me and him.

Ha Ha. As luck would have it, I just found Pomes Penyeach in a bowl with a bunch of postcards and some of my own chapbooks where I should have thought to look in the first place. Looking for something else and there it was.

James Joyce



  1. Posted 18 Aug ’12 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    Great poem Don…thanks..I have that little book…my poetry channel on youtube is poemsapennyeach…I wanted to spell it the JJ way…but YT would not let me !!

    • Posted 18 Aug ’12 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

      So glad you enjoyed it. You made my day.

  2. lally
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    a perfect ending to my day, so let me add my gratitude for posting…

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