Dr. Akram’s Drawings

I scanned 30 drawings that Akram drew thinking people might like looking at them. Akram never drew anything before I gave him a sketchbook with some pens and pencils to help him relax while he studied for his medical exams. His tensions, depressions and worries became carefree happy whimsical drawings. His sketches blew me away. Although Akram grew up in Bangladesh where it’s considered a little uppity to try to replicate God’s nature, he has a good sense of proportion and space drawing quickly, one take, no erasing: Lancaster train station he did in minutes. My friend Patricia Kelly says he has the eye of a surgeon. He did revive some dying tulips (I’d brought home and forgot to water) with a wash and a cut last spring and they lived for a week in complete beauty. He went and calmly got a pigeon that flew into the apartment (the bird was calm too) and let it go out the window. All I’d done was open the window wider hoping the panicked bird would have the sense to fly back out. Soon Akram will be a doctor working in a hospital and his energy will focus there, but I hope he continues to draw because I like it.

foot foot

Buddha Buddha

Cachito Cachito

large intestine large intestine

dreaming fish dreaming fish

Lancaster train station Lancaster train station

figure with hair figure with hair

geometric geometric

fish fish

words are birds words are birds

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