After the Rain: Reflections

Taking a short cut through Los Campos on my way from Avenue C to 14th Street, hurrying from one place to another, from home to a park bench actually to sit on and read some poetry, I saw a puddle of water, left after yesterday’s rain, still there in testament to how heavy it had been, and stopped to take a picture of the sky and the edge of a building caught with some clouds on the ground, as clear as day, then took a few steps, saw another puddle and took another picture, and then another step and another puddle, until the world seemed happily and calmly upside down; finally on 14th, turning north toward Stuyvesant Park, as a woman stepped off the sidewalk to hail a taxi, bravely as New Yorkers do, I saw the sky above in the sky below once more, blue as it always is when white clouds are passing through, and everything seemed, for a moment anyway, all right with the world.









  1. Martha King

    These are lovely meditations. Thanks, Don! BTW, do you have more?

  2. Nancy J Lenhart

    Wonderful. Reminds me of my summer so long ago when I read late Victorian and early 20th Century literature. I staid the night (a week of nights) in Hampstead on the Heath in a small hotel.

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