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After the Rain: Reflections

…Taking a short cut through Los Campos on my way from Avenue C to 14th Street, hurrying from one place to another, from home to a park bench actually to sit on and read some poetry, I saw a puddle of water, left after yesterday’s […]

In my words, May 13 – 19

… I was looking through photographs, all in a mess, not looking for anything in particular, and found the one above taken, I think, around 1987. At first I thought it was Life Cafe, but the closer I looked I could see it was probably […]

In my words, January 7 – 13

This morning things return to normal; break is over: time to teach. It’s early now; well not so early, a little after seven. I just woke Akram up with a cup of coffee, black with sugar, which he’s drinking leaning back into the pillows looking […]