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Some Thoughts on a Crosstown Bus: Elio Schneeman

February 8, 2015

I rode the M14 across town this afternoon to go to a poetry reading, on the way editing some sonnets I’m working on—no place better than a bus to work and read—but by the time I got to 9th Avenue, when I started to walk north I was so overwhelmed with weariness—perhaps from an hour and half of yoga this morning—I turned around and caught the M14 across town again, on the way reading from Elio Schneeman’s A Found Life, falling asleep around Union Square with Elio in my hands. When I opened my eyes, a young girl was looking directly at me—what was she wondering?—but she quickly looked away. If I could go back in time, and talk to folks again, Elio certainly would be one of them. We think people are going to be here forever, that there’s plenty of time to know them, but there isn’t. Carpe diem. That must sound funny coming from someone coming back from a poetry reading that he never got to.

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Elio Schneeman and Jackie Curtis

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