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Catullus 31, On Coming Home

Paene insularum, Sirmio, insularumque
ocelle, quascumque in liquentibus stagnis
marique vasto fert uterque Neptunus,
quam te libenter quamque laetus inviso,
vix mi ipse credens Thyniam atque Bithynos
liquisse campos et videre te in tuto!
o quid solutis est beatius curis,
cum mens onus reponit, ac peregrino
labore fessi venimus larem ad nostrum
desideratoque adquiescimus lecto?
hoc est quod unum est pro laboribus tantis.
salve, o venusta Sirmio, atque ero gaude;
gaudete vosque, o Lydiae lacus undae;
ridete, quidquid est domi cachinnorum.

You’re almost an island, my Sirmio
eye, heart and soul of all the islands surrounding you
where Neptune rules his desolate seas
your many lakes and shallow shores of reeds
I’ve never been so happy. Is it really you I’m seeing
and not some other country?
It’s great to be home, the journey done
the bags put down, the mind allowed at last to rest
among familiar gods sinking in
a welcome well remembered bed.
This makes it all worth it.
Hello, Sirmio. Give me a kiss.
You old Etruscan waves, break
gossip and laugh. The master’s back.

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