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Barbara Henning reads from A Day Like Today

Barbara Henning’s new book, A Day Like Today, is about a day among days, that one among many, meditative and observant. The cover is a drawing by the poet Cliff Fyman entitled Woman Walking on Avenue B. Barbara, who lives across from Tompkins Square Park, could be that woman. The poems take place there through the seasons, a private public world, past in the present, physical body, physical changes, people passing through it, daily routines with their surprises evoking new words.

I heard Barbara read from A Day Like Today late last year at the Poetry Project. She came over to my place last week, a block from Tompkins Square, so I could video her reading. Perhaps my apartment with casual street noises coming in through the windows was the perfect backdrop for Barbara to read her strong little poems, epiphanies of gentle gratitude: Be thankful for now. Today. This minute. Here we are.








You can check out Barbara’s book by clicking on the link below at Negative Capability Press:



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