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Rochelle Kraut designed these postcards with the poems of poets roaming the East Village in the early 80s. There were plenty of them. Shelley will always have a special place in my heart because she gave me my first reading at the Poetry Project at Saint Mark’s Church. In 1979, I’d come from Philly to New York, and she made me feel at home.

I am going over shelves, into drawers, opening boxes as we speak looking for some Little Caesars from the 70s, and finding other things. On the way to someplace else, I found these postcards never sent, waiting to come out and be here now.

william matthews h p

Cliff Fyman hp

steve carey hp

maurice kenney hp

Diane Burns hp

michael lazarchuck hp

peter blue cloud hp

jeff wright hard press

zoe rita naglesey hp

jim hanson hp

jack collom hp

janine pommy vega h p

back of postcard

Back Hard Press

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