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Rocky Ledge # 5

Going through boxes and uncovering stuff. Here is Rocky Ledge #5 edited by Reed Bye and Anne Waldman in Boulder, Colorado summer of 1980. I am wary of scanning too much of this magazine because the scanning might damage the pages. I am told it is OK to take the staples out and then re-staple, but I don’t like that idea. Let the staples stay. The front cover is by Alex Katz. It was not difficult to scan the Jack Collom poems. Work by Waldman, Ginsberg, Notley, Berrigan, Bye etcetera were often too full on the page and could not be captured with the scanner. Perhaps I will experiment later with a camera. Until that day, here are five poems by Jack Collom and a drawing by the gentle Joe Brainard.

Jack Collom 1

Jack Collom 2

Jack Collom 3

Jack Collom 4

Jack Collom 5

Joe Brainard 1

Back cover

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