The Psychedelic Paintings of Ching Ho Cheng, 1970 – 1973

I can’t imagine anyone not liking Ching Ho Cheng’s psychedelic paintings. They are exciting and capture the hallucinogenic times of the late 60s and the early 70s when vision was everything, and in your face, and now. Henry Geldzahler said that these paintings revealed a search for evidence of connectedness: man with man, man with nature, and man with God. Ching’s close friend, the writer David Rattray wrote: his pictures make a decorative first impression. But then, as one focuses on their disturbingly visceral imagery and funky sexuality, they get tough.

As I worked on the Vimeo syncing the paintings with Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones, I saw up close the intimate infinite details in each work, and understood the risk, endurance and discipline it took to complete them. The artist prevailed.

“Sun Drawing” 1970. Marker pen on rag board. 22 x 20″

“Glossolalia” 1970. Gouache and ink on rag board. 30 x 30″

“Chemical Garden” 1970. Gouache and ink on rag board. 30 x 30″

“X Triptych” 1970–71. Gouache and ink on rag board. Panel I 30 x 36”, Panel II 30 x 30″, Panel III 30 x 24”

“Kiss” 1971, Gouache on rag board. 25 x 25”


“Queenie” 1971-72. Gouache and ink on rag board. Triptych 30 x 90”

“Astral Theatre” 1973. Gouache and ink on rag board. 30 x 38 1/2”

To learn more about Ching Ho Cheng and his work, check out the links below:

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