Apple and Chile Salad

The recipe:

I pickle jalapeños with some carrots and celery. It’s called escabeche. I boil them in vinegar and water for about ten minutes, long enough for the shiny chiles to grow dull. I use a lot of vinegar. You might not want to.

You want your parsley crisp, fragrant and fresh. Dry the parsley by pressing it gently in a paper towel or something absorbent after you wash it. You can even squeeze it gently in your palm. When you chop wet parsley, it gets soggy.

Chopping apples can be fun and you can eat some while you do it. Sometimes the skins can be a little thick so be careful with the knife. Don’t let it slip.

Lemons are important. The juice will keep the apples from browning. And when you use lemon juice, you don’t need salt.

With clean hands, dig in and mix. Nothing does it better than the hands. Mix that salad well. Get that the lemon juice on everything.

It’s ready. Enjoy. It is a great side dish. It goes well with bread and cheese too. Think of thick dark bread with some Stilton.

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