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Thomas March reads from Aftermath

There is the expression “new wine in old bottles,” the container from the past, but what you drink and enjoy very much the present, what things are like today. I thought of that listening to Thomas March read from his new book, Aftermath, at KGB on the 16th of April. He strives to make the current speech fit seamlessly into his sonnet-like meter the way a Robert Frost or an Andrew Marvell or an Elizabeth Bishop would. This act of labor and love also makes for a sublime listen, which you can hear for yourself in the Vimeo below.

Aftermath is published by The Word Works. You can check them out here:


Henry Miller in Big Sur, and Fireflies were originally published in Assaracus, Issue 9, 2013, and The Ledge Poetry and Fiction Magazine, Fall-Winter 2007. Enjoy.

Thomas March

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