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John Deming reads from HEADLINE NEWS

I enjoyed HEADLINE NEWS the moment I opened it, a great find—actually it was given to me so I should say a great gift—an instantaneous read full of surprises and fun, each poem with a real headline, a fact, something concrete the poet can riff off into the abstract mingling of everyday thoughts and deeds that are not worthy of headlines perhaps, but worthy of meaning, our lives, seventy-two short poems of ten lines each, sometimes one word to a line and sometimes many, but each as jam-packed, succinct and in sync, something always going on. I’ve typed out one of the poems John reads in the Vimeo below. I really do love an infinity of cows. Enjoy.

all day today an infinity of cows
computing flat-
footed and grazing


naked with back arched
your adjustments are amazing

I find this hotel off the highway
more scared than last night’s
you’re just as crazy

HEADLINE NEWS is published by Indolent Press. You can check them out here.


John Deming

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