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H. Melt reads On My Way to Liberation

A liberated writer liberates the reader. So, reader, get ready. I heard H. Melt read at the Bryant Park Reading Room series in NYC on July 31. A new poet for me, I learned that they are both writer and editor of Subject to Change, Trans Poetry & Conversation, which was recently published by Sibling Rivalry Press, an important book that opens up for many a world of new experience: the thoughts and feelings of trans poets whose lives, invisible to many, become visible while reading them; this is nothing short of enlightenment, which always leads to liberation. H. Melt, a true nemesis of willful ignorance, is also the author of On My Way to Liberation, hot off the presses, and available now at Haymarket Books. I enjoyed this reading very much and want to do my part in getting the word out. The words today are “There are trans people here.” Just in case you didn’t know. Let’s clap for trans poets, listen to H. Melt read and celebrate these poems of freedom that liberate not only the writer but especially the reader.

Subject to Change is published by Sibling Rivalry Press. Check it out here:



On My Way to Liberation is published by Haymarket Books. Check it out here:


H. Melt

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