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KB Nemcosky reads from Early Exits

In a world that seems more and more like an existential play with a title like No Exit, it’s nice to find a book with the title, Early Exits. KB Nemcosky’s new book, recently published by United Artists Books, lets us stop whatever we’re doing to go out and take a walk. The movement in the title is the movement in the book where we walk through NYC seeing facts we know and facts we don’t until the knowing author points them out. “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking,” Friedrich Nietzsche said. Reading Early Exits, I was reminded of the Illuminations by Rimbaud, a book with both country and city landscapes in it, surreal, or more real than real as equally terrifying as funny. I also thought of two poets who walked the streets of New York, Walt Whitman and Bill Kushner, who were both born on the same day, May 31, by the way. Like their books, Early Exits is a city peopled by many, a book that contains multitudes.

Two random pages

I’ve scanned two facing pages, 18 and 19, for the reader to see the column layout of the book that visually represents what it’s like walking down the street looking from one side to the other, perhaps seeing something ahead or behind, understanding, learning and experiencing as one goes, often enjoying a surprise.

History Lesson

Early Exits ought to accompany tourists on their docent walks and bus rides through New York. The here and now as well as the history that are in this book would help a tourist more than any of those guide books could.


Early Exits is published by United Artists Books. You can check them out here:



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    Thank you for sharing this – just gorgeous.

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