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Kenning JP García reads at Zinc Bar, 12/9/18

Kenning JP García is from NYC, but when he went to SUNY Albany twenty years ago, one thing led to another, and he decided to stay, which was good for upstate New York whose highways link East and West to Montreal, Boston and Buffalo, a hub, and fertile place for poets and poetry too because Kenning is one of the selfless movers and shakers there, an editor and an organizer of readings as well. I caught up with him here in NYC last week at Zinc Bar, a reading you will hear on the Vimeo below, poetry that is full of innate rhythms and surprises. Zinc Bar is a little dark, but listen to Kenning and enjoy the ride.

I’m including one scanned page, the first page of the first poem in Kenning’s new book, Never Read, published by West Vine Press, fitting as we approach a new year with a new book in hand, snappy, deep, hopeful, and flowing.

Never Read is published by West Vine Press. You can check them out here:


Kenning JP García

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