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Yuko Otomo reads from Study

In April, Yuko Otomo and Steve Dalachinsky, came over to my place to read some poems. One book that Yuko read from was Study, which are meditations on works of art. Listening to and reading Yuko Otomo is a unique experience where beauty and understanding are together like two people in love when the two becomes one, a unity of body and spirit that is like a religious experience in the best sense of that word.

Steve Cannon said of Study (and I believe he was blind at the time): “I EAR sight/sound poems. The collection evokes the spirit of sight and sound. As it is read to me on quiet nights, I see and hear the image loud and clear in my own silent solitude.”

I couldn’t have said it better. The blind can see when Yuko Otomo reads. Below you will find her reading from a section of Study called Genesis, meditations on paintings by Max Beckmann. Enjoy.

Study is published by Ugly Duckling Presse. You can check them out here:


An interview with Yuko Otomo:


at Judson Memorial Church, July 11, 2015. Photo by Jack Vartoogian

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