Basil King reads The Green Man Comes to 4th Street, Numbers 1 to 7

When I was visiting Basil and Martha King recently, BAZ took me upstairs to his studio to see what he has been working on since January, a series called The Green Man Comes to 4th Street, engaging portraits with intense gazes that look at you as you look at them. Basil agrees that they’re intense and says that he can only work on them for a day before he takes a few days off to go work on something else, keeping the juices flowing all the same, still doing it when he comes back to them. He has written a series of poems about the Green Man too. I’ve recorded BAZ reading them, and am putting that together as we speak, but for now, here is the last one first, The Green Man Comes to 4th Street, Number 7.

And here BAZ reads them all, 1 through 7. Enjoy.

On the Marsh Hawk Press website, there is an ongoing series from writers published by MHP. Here, Basil muses about art, his life, and the Green Man too. There’s a mention of his forthcoming book, Disparate Beasts – Basil King’s Beastiary Part 2, that will be published this coming May.


  1. Aaron Fischer

    We (Lauren and I) have known Basil and Martha more or less distantly for years. Terrific poem. The Green Man series is very disturbing — but very fine.

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