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Burt Kimmelman reads from Wings Apart

Burt Kimmelman’s new book has a wonderful title, Wings Apart, and what is especially wonderful about this new book is that you can read it in one sitting, which—and this is not redundant—is a wonderful thing to do. You can read James Joyce’s Pomes Penyeach in one sitting, The Waste Land and Howl too. I could go on and on about the joys of accomplishing a book at once. And the poems are mostly short, which adds to the clear brevity of this short book; why, even the longest poems are short. It is a treasure, this sort of book. You can search for hours, for days along a beach before you find the shell or stone you want, none like it, the only one.

Here is an interview with Thomas Fink and Burt Kimmelman discussing Wings Apart, examining the work and the art of prosody itself:


And here is Burt reading from Wings Apart. Enjoy.

Wings Apart is published by Dos Madres Press. You can check them out here:


Burt Kimmelman

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