Monthly Archives: May 2020

Judith Braun: Drawing While Listening

… … From the very first time I saw the art of Judith Braun, I’ve loved it. Though it changes, the remarkable meditative quality remains. Here are a few from the month of May, from her “Drawing While Listening” series. She isn’t telling what she’s […]

Val Vinokur reads from Isaac Babel, The Essential Fictions

… When I heard Val Vinokur read from Isaac Babel, The Essential Fictions it was an epiphany. I’d heard of Isaac Babel, but I’d never read him, and always associated him with Sholem Aleicham on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof. Listening to Val Vinokur […]

Who Is Standing Where?

…… To the teacher: This is a very good activity for a new class on the first day, an Icebreaker. In groups of seven, students will get to know each other as they talk and select roles. Who will be standing where? It is a […]

Susana H. Case reads from Dead Shark on the N Train

… Years ago a friend, Lynn McGee, said that she wanted me to meet a friend of hers, Susana Case, whom she thought was a wonderful poet, and not only that, but a favorite of hers. “You have to read her,” she insisted. When I […]

Sonnet 233: Mother and the Black Snake

… My mother pulled the black snake from the bush. Long snake gone from fleeing to being held twined around her arm and opened its mouth but mother only laughed and let it twist. Her friends who had come to party at her barbecue wanted […]

Collaborations with Greg Masters

… Something important arrived in the mail last week: an advanced copy of Collaborations, which is edited by Greg Masters, and will be released by the end of May. I came to New York City in 1979 around the time these collaborations were happening. They […]

David Bowie and Arthur Rimbaud

… Not doing much this morning, but not doing is doing, right? Listening to Youtube: Martha and the Vandellas, Santana, and David Bowie: the man who could do a show. I’ve always thought “Heroes” was Bowie’s homage to Arthur Rimbaud’s “Royalty” from Illuminations. Here he […]