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A Kiss and a Sonnet


Last year I sent out a few Valentines, my poem “In the Circle,” and one came back with a kiss. Those lips are Shelley Kraut’s. Here’s to love, everybody. Mmmmwwahhhh!







I want to write something about you but
I’m not sure what—You are not with me now
so you are in my thoughts—We are in love
the two that becomes one. You ask me how
I know. Today was cold. I didn’t expect
the sun but it has come to make the cold
day warm. Unexpected as it was Love
gave me what I wanted; it didn’t want.
Spent, owed—Bad karma spilled—Impossible
—The last sip from the bottle no surfeit
can fill. Want wants. Love loves and cannot kill
like too much sun and too much water will
take a green plant and shiver it dull
and where you thought there was is not at all.



Heart by Patricia Kelly



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