Arup Datta’s finger drawings during the month of May


I’ve enjoyed Arup Datta ever since we became friends on Facebook. I’m not sure what initially drew us to each other, but I enjoy his drawings very much. He has gone from pen and paper to using his finger. He says: “I use only my index finger on the screen to make my interests speak in lines and in objects in limited colours with all possible simplicity as I have no education in the field of drawing and painting! I am so grateful to Don for loving my drawings! I find a poet in Don could feel the flame inside my skull I lit with my trembling fingers!” It’s true. I do love Arup Datta’s drawings. There is humor in them, and seriousness too. Everything has a presence in his work, everything is important. For the fun of it, I’m going to include the drawings Arup Datta posted on Facebook in May. Enjoy.


The Fair, May 30


Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink, May 27



The Dusk, May 27


Hey guy! We love you! May 18


The Fang, May 15


The Summer, May 11


May 10


The Mama, old, May 9


The Summer, May 8


The Month of May in Kolkata, May 7


The Noon, May 7


I’ve had my second jab today! May 6


Just Chill, May 4


The Couple, May 4


The Mother, May 4


A poem Arup just sent me:


t h e f i r e



( With love to Don Yorty )


i lit the wick
in my
the wind blew
all the
by flames
you know well Don
flames gave birth
of ashes
by which
we know each other
ashes in the poetry
ashes in our wisdom and
the ashes in our extermination

© Reserved by the author.


Arup Datta, February 7

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  1. Kristine Byrne.
    Posted 31 May ’21 at 2:21 pm | Permalink

    Well done Don for sharing this gifted man’s work. Good for you.

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