Marc Nasdor reads from Insurgentes/Avenues


Marc Nasdor and I arrived in NYC around the same time. I remember when he curated the Monday Night Reading Series at Saint Mark’s Church with Chris Kraus back in the day. Marc (a/k/a Poodlecannon) is a well known world music DJ in New York City, Budapest, Nantes, France, Mexico City, Merida and the Yucatan. After a fourteen year hiatus from writing poetry, Roof Books published Sonnetailia in 2007. Ron Silliman wrote: “Nasdor is a poet of compactness, compressed excess, & to my own eye these pieces work best the more crowded they feel, which in general is quite a bit.” His current manuscript is Insurgentes / Avenues. The poems that follow on the Vimeo are from that work soon to be published by Roof Books. Enjoy.



The three poems Marc reads from Insurgentes/Avenues are on the following PDF:

from Insurgentes/Avenues


Taken at Great Falls National Park, Potomac, Maryland, May 17, 2021


Marc Nasdor at Saint Mark’s Church with Charles Bernstein, Tim Dlugos, Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, Patricia Spears Jones and Dennis Cooper, 1984.


Marc Nasdor is published by Roof Books. You can check them out here:

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