Matt Proctor reads from City Life


Matt Proctor’s diary, City Life, spans from March to May of this year so it is hot off the presses, and full of little axiom poems that I enjoy:


thought is
a mirror

it shows
you who
you are

my left
side is my
good side

the fact
of the matter

a walk
is a poem

here comes one


it’s dark inside
god’s fist


When I heard Matt read from City Life at KGB not too long ago, I asked if I could record him for the blog. At Saint Mark’s Church on Wednesday shortly before the poetry reading he was helping to coordinate, the sun was beginning to set and shone on him with its changing light and shadow as he read, all for you on the Vimeo below. Enjoy:








Matt publishes a poetry magazine called ‘easy paradise’ and the instagram is

Check it out.

Matt Proctor

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