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Frank Walsh reads a poem


In the 70s when Frank Walsh and I were both going to Temple, me for the second time and he for the first—we worked on a poetry magazine called Hybris, half hybrid, half hubris—It was Frank’s idea. We managed, by hook or by crook, in getting two editions out, and published poets in the seminal poetry scene that was happening in Philly back then (and now too by the way). Frank especially worked very hard. When I was in Philadelphia last month, I stopped by to see him. He’s a Buddhist, always in the process of passing through, and in the happy time we spent together, I got him to read a poem. Enjoy.




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  1. Dave Murphy

    Great to see and to hear Frank. Hybris contains one of my early poems, thanks, no doubt to Frank, a most remarkable man. We were part of a dynamic poetry writing class at Temple under the guidance of Professor Richard O’Connell.

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