Arup Datta, Rickshaws and Bicycles


Arup Datta during the month of August did a lot of drawings of bicycles, but he began the month with rickshaws. So I’ll start there. Enjoy.


Rickshaw, August 17


The Lover’s Rickshaw, August 17


Rickshaw at Agartala town: August 18


The Rickshaw, August 18


“There are still some hand-pulled rickshaws in central Kolkata streets and lanes! Heavy load of the passengers pulled by a man of any age in this illustrated type of rickshaws can’t be considered savior in Covid19 hit streets in certain streets in Kolkata! Hand-pulled rickshaws should not be glorified from any point of view! The pullers may be suitably helped by the city administration to buy battery powered rickshaws!”

—Arup Datta, August 18, 2021

August 18


Bicycle, August 20


Bicycle, August 20


The Bicycle, August 20


The Bicycle, August 21


Bicycles at Palace Compound, Agartala, August 23
The Bicycle (The Wound), August 24 The Bicycle, August 25


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