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“Uncle” by Dennis Moritz with Beverly Gunn and A.J. Khaw


On Thursday, October 14, at 8 PM there was a performance of “Uncle” at Unnamable Books in Brooklyn that took place in the garden that is reached through the back of the store, one of the best intimate performance spots in all of New York.

The actress Beverly Gunn was accompanied on piano by A.J. Khaw, a partnership that I found particularly riveting. As I filmed, ambient sounds from other backyards along Vanderbilt Avenue did not intrude so much as attend along with the audience in the spirit of the play, which I find nicely, naturally rendered here in the Vimeo below. Enjoy.



Notes on “Uncle” 

“Uncle” has been produced many times, performed by male and female actors, people of diverse ethnicities and ages. Venues include Freedom Theater, St Marks, Painted Bride, Theatre Double and HERE.  At Imperfect Gallery, a space in Germantown Philadelphia, Lee Richardson, a founder of Crossroads Theater, the actor, director, mentor of many, played Uncle. An actress on stilts performed “Uncle” in New Zealand. Uncle has been an elderly woman who lives on the streets, her possessions in paper bags. Beverly Gunn creates a homeless truth teller of transcendent reality. It’s always “Uncle.” The script has been published three times. 

                                                                        —Dennis Moritz




Beverly Gunn

A.J. Shaw

You can check out more about the work and music of A.J. Khaw here:



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