Monthly Archives: December 2021

Two Sonnets and Three Drawings

    158   Like the dried up dead wasp with its venom gone rolled up on the windowsill like a ball of dust my mother slumbers with her head bent near a bowl of fruit Pat Maples sent listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing, a […]

Reuben Gelley Newman

I read with Reuben Gelley Newman at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn a while back and enjoyed his work; he sang a song too, which is something I always like. I asked him then and there if I could include him on my blog, and […]

Ridgewood in the House: poems by Ama Birch

  Ama Birch got funding to talk to people in Ridgewood, Queens, hear their stories, and then make poems out of what she heard. Ridgewood is where Ama lives, and she knows it like the back of her hand.  This current work is reminiscent of […]

Tim Milk’s Woodcuts

  About a half year ago, I began to notice that Tim Milk was posting some of his work on Facebook, woodcuts that he was doing, profiles, mythic people, beasts, trees and flowers. I was really drawn to them and asked Tim if I could […]