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Reuben Gelley Newman


I read with Reuben Gelley Newman at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn a while back and enjoyed his work; he sang a song too, which is something I always like. I asked him then and there if I could include him on my blog, and here he is now creating as he goes poems that are homages to the musician, Arthur Russell.



The three poems read in the Vimeo can be found in the magazines below. Enjoy.

“Jellyfish,” DIALOGIST, July 2021

“The Clapping Lights,” diode poetry journal (14.2), July 2021

“Another Thought,” Moist Poetry Journal, Nov. 2021


“(B)less(ed) Ground(ed) in Queer(ed) Sky” is from The Golden Shovel Anthology, 2nd Edition, University of Arkansas Press, 2019 


And here is a poem by Eduardo C. Corral, also an homage to Arthur Russell, which inspired “Another Thought.”



Reuben Gelley Newman (he/him) is a writer and musician from New York City. He tweets @joustingsnail. 

Next to a painting by his grandmother


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