Monthly Archives: January 2022

Neddi Heller at NARS Art Foundation

  My friend, the artist Neddi Heller, has two shows going on now in Brooklyn. It’s always a pleasure to see her work so I would advise anyone, especially if you happen to be in the neighborhood, to check them out. The following etchings are […]

Two Elegies by Scott Hightower

  Last year on January 30th, my friend Dr. José Fernandez died of a heart attack on his way to work at a nearby hospital. He collapsed on the sidewalk in front of his home. It was an unbelievable shock. José had been caring for […]

Susana H. Case reads from The Damage Done

  If you have been deciding whether your next read is going to be a novel or a poem, I have the perfect solution for you. Pick up Susana H. Case’s new book, The Damage Done, and the problem’s solved. The Damage Done is a […]

Maria Lisella reads new and published poems

  I went to Maria Lisella’s apartment in Queens, a walk from the train, the elevated N. She thoughtfully had prepared a meal for me, soup, bread, cheese, grilled vegetables. Her cooking like her poetry takes what is everyday and elevates it to an exceptionally […]

Drawings by Akash

  I became friends with the Bangladeshi artist, Akash, on Facebook a while ago. I’m not sure when or why, but since then, I’ve enjoyed looking at his work and watching his progress. He is a student practicing his craft constantly, an optimist for these […]

Julia Knobloch reads from Book of Failed Salvation

Many of the poems in Julia Knobloch’s new chapbook, Book of Failed Salvation, are love poems that are secular, but explore the divine as well. The poet may try, as impossible as it may sound, not only to embrace a lover, but God. God is […]

Dean Kostos reads from Broken Color

In Broken Color the poet looks at art, but the poems are not, to my mind, ekphrastic; the poems are more about the looking than what the looking is looking at, pleasure after thought; they are poems about being, more inside than out. I’ve read […]