Celebrating The Life of a Kalamata

At KGB, a few weeks ago, I attended a reading for Didi Champagne’s new book, The Life of a Kalamata. Dorothy Friedman, Jeff Wright, Linda Kleinbub, and Patricia Carragon each read a poem before Didi took the stage. Didi’s talents are generous and multi-faceted; most think of her as a musician. She recently sang at Carnegie Hall with a choral group that performs there. And her new book has both poetry and paintings in it. “Didi is so impressive,” Jeff Wright said. “She does everything. It’s amazing.” Think of a diamond looked at from different angles catching and reflecting variations of the same enchanting light. The celebration for The Life of a Kalamata certainly did shine. You can catch it in the Vimeo below, and in the poems and paintings that follow. Enjoy.






If you would like a copy of The Life of a Kalamata, message Didi on Facebook. It will be available on Amazon soon.

Dorothy Friedman, Didi Champagne, Jeff Wright, Patricia Carragon, and Linda Kleinbub


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