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Philip Good reads from Subatomic Moss


Subatomic Moss is a chapbook of two collaboration poems by Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good recently published by Vehicle Editions. “Collaborations are a crapshoot,” Bernadette says, “but this one worked.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m kind of in love with Subatomic Moss.

Bernadette and Phil live in upstate New York near a woods Bernadette calls Poetry State Forest. If you follow a path there, it leads down to a stream deep enough to swim in. 

I happened to be visiting and asked Phil if I could record him reading from Subatomic Moss. He chose the second poem, “Unseasonably Wrong Weather,” and we did it in one sitting. I think it’s very timely. Enjoy.





Through the window, Philip Good reading from Subatomic Moss. Photo by Marie Warsh.


Below is “Unseasonably Wrong Weather” as it was typed for publication by Annabel Lee on Bernadette Mayer’s typewriter.










Subatomic Moss is published by Vehicle Editions. You can check out Vehicle Editions here:



The typewriter overlooking Poetry State Forest


A chair to sit and read in in Poetry State Forest



Cover photo by Marie Warsh



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