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Photos by Tyler Mitchell


Tyler Mitchell needs me like he needs another hole in the head, but when I heard him speak in an interview on television, I was taken by his youth and the power of his work, a power which comes from the love he has for it.

The photos below I gleaned from the Internet. I love having them on the blog. Enjoy.

Untitled (Still from Idyllic Space), 2019


Impact, 2021


Glint of Possibility, 2022


Simply Fragile, 2022


Don’t give me no Itty bitty tiny tub, I need the whole entire complete deep blue sea, 2022


The Cage, 2022


Iridescent Body, 2022


Saturday Afternoon, 2022


Flotation, 2022


The Aviator, 2022


Treading, 2022



You can find out more about Tyler Mitchell at the link below:


Tyler Mitchell was influenced by Gordon Parks. Below is a blog post of mine with photos from the Gordon Parks exhibit at the National Gallery of Art a few years ago. 


Gordon Parks at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, November 4, 2018 – February 18, 2019


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