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Arup Datta, Some Drawings from August 2022 – February 2023

The year 2022 contained a lot of strife, illness and death, not only in the world around, but in my own life as well. One of the good constant things that I came to rely on were the drawings of Arup Datta. He lives in Kolkata, and the drawings that follow are only a little bit of what he has created from day to day. I tell you, as long as Arup is there, it is good.

the plant at Tobin Road, August 26


at dusk, August 27


the sacrifice বলি, September 16


black drongos (Asian passerine) ফিঙে September black drongos (Asian Passerine) ফিঙে, September 27
the full moon, October 8


the spill, November 18


study, November 25


the fruit seller, November 26


the coal, fire, and bread, December 8


the dark horse, December 12


the twilight, January 4


the companion, January 6


the fire in the winter, January 7




the bird of prey, January 11


the illumination, January 24


the cranes, January 28

the illumination, January 30


the crows, February 14

the spring is not far, February 16

You can find Arup on his Facebook page. Enjoy.



Arup Datta

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