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With Susan Bee: Apocalypse Paintings


I’ve been wanting to have Susan Bee on the blog. Her upcoming show at A.I.R. Gallery was perfect timing. On Tuesday, I visited her Brooklyn studio to see her latest paintings, adventures in color and imagination via, at this point in time, connections to a European medieval past with one or two Indian monkey kings thrown in. I think her Apocalypse paintings are wild. In the Vimeo below we are in her studio. Take a little walk with us and enjoy.



Susan Bee’s Apocalypses, Fables, Reveries; New Paintings will be at A.I.R. Gallery from March 18 to April 16. 155 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY. Opening reception: Saturday, March 18 from 6–8pm

You can check out the details here:








Susan Bee will be featured on a Brooklyn Rail Zoom with Ann McCoy and Charles Bernstein. You can find out more and register here: 



You can find out more about Susan Bee at her website here:




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