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“Bird of Paradise, Bird of Destruction” by Neddi Heller

I have been enjoying the work of Neddi Heller for many years. There is always something there. Her painting, “Bird of Paradise, Bird of Destruction,” is twenty years old. It was recently shown, for the first time, in a show. I would love to share it with you now with a statement by the artists below. Enjoy.

“My title is an untypical mantra that represents the rhythm for all living things. The painting is inspired by those mythical beings in the world who are able to create and destroy. 

This painting is composed of imaginary figures and forces that break through each of their boundaries.  Visions of characters are transformed through a fractured lens.

The myth of the ostrich burying its head in the sand symbolizes an escape from the problems of the outside world.  Themes of hiding and seeking run throughout this painting.  We strive for peace enduring confrontations.

Hopes and fears are our passages.  We can create a world where we can withstand these obstacles.  And in this light, I ask you to slow your eye down and observe those moments to be shared.” 

—Neddi Heller 


“Bird of Paradise, Bird of Destruction”

70” x 30”, oil on canvas


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  1. I’ve been a big fan for decades. Thanks Don and Neddi.

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