Sonnet 219

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… I want to write something about you, butI’m not sure what—You are not with me nowso you are in my thoughts—We are in lovethe two that become one. You ask me howI know. Today was cold. I didn’t expectthe … Continue reading

Sonnet 92

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… To be understood words are objectiveyet we understand them subjectively.When Willa Cather writes, “The long main streetbegan at the church, the town seemed to flowfrom it like a stream from a spring,” the proseforms naturally from the simile.Do you … Continue reading

Sonnet 44

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… I hear Dad’s chainsaw echo down the fieldcutting firewood for December’s stove. Herknife in hand Mom chops the cabbage she’ll sealin jars pouring boiling water overit first with a tablespoon of sea salt.Come November she’ll have her sauerkraut.Summer yet, … Continue reading