3 Feb

What follows is a lesson plan introducing High Beginner ESL students to the Present Tense, the simple present and the present progressive. The activities are […]

30 Jan

When I began to read William Considine’s new book, Continent of Fire, I was immediately drawn to a poem early on called “Library and Book […]

16 Jan

I met Kristine Byrne years ago on Facebook. When she was in New York, she visited Akram and me in our apartment, and we had […]

14 Jan

Travel, a trip somewhere new, or a return to a land you love, always restores body and soul. Poetry, like travel, can do that too. […]

4 Jan

Among my sonnets are eight that are about milkweed; I include them below for you to read whenever you have the time. Hope you enjoy. […]

21 Dec

Alicia Ostriker’s The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog begins with a quote by Gertrude Stein: A very important thing is not to make […]

19 Dec

  The first poem in How Much? questions the value of poetry. Why does that Urinal signed by Marcel Duchamp continue to go up in […]

1 Dec

I attended the reading for the anthology, Pathetic Literature, that had been organized by its editor, Eileen Myles at Karma Books on East Third Street […]

1 Dec

Last month, I saw Jeff Wright read at the Tompkins Square Library and really enjoyed the poems. He read from several of his books, and […]

25 Nov

… Ken Angel Davis gave me a postcard he made out of a poem by Tom Savage on one side and a drawing by George […]

21 Nov

  Last Saturday, when I attended a poetry reading at the Jefferson Market Library, I recorded the whole thing. My friend, the teacher and poet, […]

20 Nov

  I asked Anthony Cappo if I could record him reading from his new book, When You’re Deep In A Thing. Anthony is a born […]