Sonnet 92

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… To be understood words are objectiveyet we understand them subjectively.When Willa Cather writes, “The long main streetbegan at the church, the town seemed to flowfrom it like a stream from a spring,” the proseforms naturally from the simile.Do you … Continue reading

Sonnet 44

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… I hear Dad’s chainsaw echo down the fieldcutting firewood for December’s stove. Herknife in hand Mom chops the cabbage she’ll sealin jars pouring boiling water overit first with a tablespoon of sea salt.Come November she’ll have her sauerkraut.Summer yet, … Continue reading

Sonnet 13

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  … The hunter and the deer are in the woods.Right now no gunshots explode the quiet.Only the wind’s unafraid to riotin a few leaves, shaking the branches goodthe living skeletons of wintertime.I hear some crows as far away as … Continue reading

Sonnet 254

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…. Atlantic City, facade to the god Money on the edge of America where the sea and the air share a sky there before Christopher Columbus came, raped and pillaged the place. Lights, loud music and free drinks in all … Continue reading