17 Apr

  If you want to give words to every moment, every thought and sight worth jotting down, you need a notebook though any scrap of […]

16 Apr

I’m in awe of many poets, and with that being said, I have to say I’m especially in awe of Lonely Christopher. “How does he […]

15 Apr

  I like narrative poetry so I always look forward to a new book by Greg Masters. The Complete Thoughts of Greg Masters is full […]

14 Apr

  On March 26, I attended a reading in Philly at Vox Populi on North 11th Street, featuring Jena Osman, Ted Rees, and Samuel Delany […]

10 Apr

At KGB, a few weeks ago, I attended a reading for Didi Champagne’s new book, The Life of a Kalamata. Dorothy Friedman, Jeff Wright, Linda […]

31 Mar

Early March in the cold pouring rain, I made my way west on the M-8 bus toward the LBGT Community Center on 13th Street near […]

19 Mar

  Life, we all come to realize, even if we never read Heraclitus, is in constant motion, which is one reason why I walked over […]

6 Mar

    I brought tulips home to lift Akram’s spirit, and he took two photos of them that lifted mine.           […]

2 Mar

  At KGB last December, I heard Sean Singer read from a forthcoming book of prose poems called Today in the Taxi, similar journeys, different […]

28 Feb

  Some poets become so famous that other poets who are not famous, and there are many more of those, think that something must be […]

13 Feb

…If you are ever going to memorize a sonnet of Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 may be the one because it is beautiful to say, easy to […]

13 Feb

  A few years ago, the news that Alfred Corn was working on a translation of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies made me very happy. […]